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About Marso Co.

Marso Co.

When you want to rubber must go to Marso
Because the name means
-Rubber high quality, Because we manufacture the raw material itself
-Development of new products as requested by the client by Design team factories forming dies
-Customer satisfaction is the primary objective in our products
-Good reputation with high quality to ensure a long life against manufacturing defects and adulterated raw materials
-A badge of honor for the Egyptian industry on the continental and international level
-Marso is a Eco-friendly
We do convert thousands of scrap tires annually into useful products instead of burning it as a source of energy which cause polluting the environment and destroy the health of our youth.
The company has obtained ISO 14001 certification for environmental safety and the ISO 18001 for the Labor Health and Safety.
We wish always to be the first and only choice in our customer mind through a mix between the best quality and durability and the best price offered.
Marso Management Team

Our Products

Our product covering so many fields :- Latex
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Our Customers

Our God who helped us since our existence till this day, Over the past forty years in the rubber industry in our dear country Egypt till we reach where we are now from needed quality and international Existence
Our products is-exported to more than twenty countries in three continents with the hands of more than one hundred fifty fine well trained Egyptian skilled Labor and the best German production lines
We have well experienced labor in the field of rubber manufacturing
All of this to meet your expectation regarding a good long life product to meet the purpose it was made for.
Marso is a triple ISO certified company: three ISO certificates, quality management and occupational safety and health
We aim to meet your needs and quality with the best price possible and to be always your first choice
Company Management Team

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